Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Hello? Anyone there?

Anyone still here? I forgot about this blog and this platform. And then I remembered. 

What a pleasure to be able to write about nothing or anything, especially when the audience has pretty much packed up and gone home. It’s been years, and my topics of choice have evolved. 

No longer am I having babies. In fact, my inside lady parts pretty much gave up on me and they yanked ‘em all out. Just so you know, I feel great. I don’t need a uterus to feel great, it turns out.  No longer am I recording music, though I must admit, I’d like to. I miss setting feeling to music. I still have a lot of feelings.

So what’s floating my boat these days? Well, plants mostly, I was handed down the green thumb by all of my grandparents. I like to grow things. I like to make medicine from plants. I like to do witchy stuff and be a witchy lady.  Oh, and I developed a meditation for sensitive, traumatized folk like me. You can check it out, mebeneathme.com . I’d love to teach it live, and with regularity. I guess we’ll see.

On the old mothering front, I’m still mothering. Jonas is about to turn 18. He is pre-med/science major and he wants to be a dentist. Simon is almost 16, he’s into game-building and coding. Milo is 7, and he likes Minecraft. We are reading Harry Potter. I’m a mom. That’s still weird. And wonderful. But weird.

I think I might keep this up.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Life Right Now

I have to admit: I'm a little bit ashamed about not tracking the last few years.  I didn't really see the value in keeping up the blog until I revisited what I had blogged over the last nine or ten years.  So, it's time to get back at it, write things down, share for nobody to read.  or somebody.  Who knows!

Life right now is GOOD.  Life is simple, and for the most part, very quiet even in a house bubbling over with boys and animals.  Corbett is a beautiful place to live and I am grateful to be planted in one place.  My life before all this is a blur.  Some days when I think back about our time living in Belgium, it feels like someone else's life and not mine.  I can't imagine I've done the things I have.  I feel very lucky.

The house is a warm and wonderful place and Roel and I are beginning to plan the extensive renovations the house needs.  This place has 100 years of life stored in its walls, and we plan on keeping it strong and standing for many, many more.  The land is still pretty wild, though we plan on leaving it that way.  Some of it we'll tame and manicure.

Milo is finishing up preschool, Simon is finishing the eighth grade and Jonas, his 10th.  Time goes by too quickly.  I can't believe that in just a couple of months, Roel and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary!  It's hard to imagine that boy and that girl who met in the oddest of places some 24 years ago would get married, have three boys, hop back and forth between their home countries and make this wonderful life.  Amazing.

Monday, February 13, 2012

milo is nearly 8 months old!

things milo likes:


butternut squash


mama milk

his brothers

book reading

water out of a glass

things milo (almost) says:




all done

num-num (nursing)

things milo does:

sits up

feeds himself

drinks out of a sippy cup

strums mama's ukulele

gives love and more love

makes his family incredibly happy and complete

sleeps while mama finishes editing her manuscript

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

he'll hate me for this when he's older

milo is almost 6 months old and it's getting FUN! The babbling and rolling around and hugging and trying out kisses etc. It's all so good. And when he's sleeping I'm working on my novel and laughing at the weird stuff jonas and simon say and do. Roel is in amsterdam/chicago/new york etc. etc. most of the time, but when he's home we're driving everywhere dreaming of good places to be and amazing things to build in lonely forests. Outside its cold and misty and inspiring. Inside, the fire's on - literally and figuratively.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Raw Milk and Baby Kissing

Fall is settling in here, or should I say Winter. It's nearing 40F outside and the snow level is lowering). It is lovely and we are enjoying it.

There have been some positive dietary changes in the Uleners house. We're really embracing a food renegade diet - all REAL foods, whole foods including raw milk. We spent a really awesome saturday in Sandy, Oregon at Pokrov farms learning about raw milk, drinking raw milk and snuggling adorable jersey cows. It was such a beautiful, inspiring day. The kids loved meeting the sweet cows who are giving us this yummy, buttery milk. Roel and I were inspired land-wise. We know that buying a large piece of wooded farmland is in our future, and we are positively giddy as we continue to find beautiful possibilities. We love the idea of our boys having tons of space to run around, and earth to grow lots of food and have some animals.

And speaking of those little darlings, I swear they get more and more precious by the day. Or maybe I'm just getting older and I'm appreciating them more, I don't know.

Our youngest, sweet baby Milo is almost 5 months old already. It's really hard to believe. He's making a lot of adorable word-sounds and rolling over. Mostly he just spends his days being kissed and squeezed by me; I can't seem to do anything else.

Life is boring, it seems, since I've got nothing more to report than milk drinking and baby-kissing...but in all honesty, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

three kids = bliss

Three kids also = no time to blog. Yep, there's a lot less time, but I am having so much fun and I feel so lucky to be mom to these three boys. I can hardly believe that Milo is already nearly three months old! Simon is a smart and silly nine, and Jonas is a sweet and serious 11.

Roel is gone a lot on business these days. He's zipping back and forth all over this continent and others. Luckily, my mom was able to come and babysit me for a few weeks. I dont know what I'd have done without her.

I'm also so blessed to have made such AMAZING friends here in Portland. Fall is coming and lufe is beautiful!